CLARVI 30° Anniversary

Diseño de Boletin  - 30 aniversario 2

Happy and proud for the fulfillment of our 30th Anniversary, as it is a tradition among us, we begin very grateful our activities with a Mass officiated by the Pbro. Gabino Gastélum.

During the event, very interesting activities were carried out, one of them was the conference “Workshop Leadership and global thinking” given by the speaker Guillermo Hull Rosas, with a great presentation he managed to capture the attention of each of the collaborators. In addition, the 5th edition of the contest: “Innovative and High Impact Project 2019, Jaime Martín Valdivia Urrea Distintive” was held, in which 6 collaborators participated, with ingenuity and creativity they developed profitable projects with a significant impact on the social, economic and cultural life.

Each exponent had the opportunity to present their project and defend it in front of the jury and audience, however we had a winner, Manuel Jiménez from the Innovation and Development Department, who presented the project “Development of a pilot system for Arsenic removal in lagoon water of return”. Congratulations.