CLARVI 29° Anniversary

Director General

We feel happy and proud for the fulfillment of our 29th anniversary. Being already a tradition among us, we started the activities with a thanksgiving ceremony officiated by the Priest Gabino Gastélum.

On this occasion, Tony Haas gave a motivational conference called “I make the difference”, he managed to maintain the attention of our collaborators with his energy and dynamism.

One of the main surprises at our event was the presentation of our renewed website by our CEO, Mr. Jaime Martín Valdivia. Generating a space that represents the process of technological revolution and constant change that takes place within the company.

During the presentation of Projects, we had the participation of 8 collaborators. Each exponent had the opportunity to convince the judges, but only one managed to obtain the Distinctive “JAIME MARTÍN VALDIVIA URREA”. We congratulate our colleague Omar Quiñonez who presented the theme “NSF International: Quality proven through certification” that was chosen as the Innovative and High Impact Project of 2018.